Art Bags

Art Pakk Art Bags are a sustainable replacement for bubble wrap and bubble bags. ArtPakk is the premier choice in art bags, meticulously crafted by a team comprising a Framer, Gallery owner, and Artist. Drawing upon their extensive experience and acute understanding of the industry's exacting standards, ArtPakk ensures unparalleled protection for your artworks and frames.

Designed for utmost convenience and durability, ArtPakk art bags feature a user-friendly design, making them ideal for repeated use. Equipped with a re-sealable flap and an acid-free soft lining, they are particularly suitable for preserving resin works or oils, preventing any unwanted bubble imprints on the surface of your masterpiece.

Crafted from three distinct layers expertly bonded together, ArtPakk art bags provide a consistent and robust 6mm protective shield, safeguarding your precious art with unparalleled care and security. Choose ArtPakk for peace of mind and safeguard your artistic treasures with the best in art bag innovation.

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