Art Grade Postal Tubes

For the ultimate in postal protection

Our ”Art Grade" range of postal or mailing tubes are uncompromising protective cardboard tubes that have been fortified with 3mm of spirally wound kraft paper in the case of our 2" / 50mm diameter tubes... or at least 4mm in 3" 4" 6" 8" diameter and above.

Their inherent strength is a must for artists posting original artwork or online traders selling rare, signed & valuable posters, cartographers sending maps, photographers needing to protect photographs, or for anyone else with other expensive items that can be slotted into one of our superior strength postal tubes for the ultimate in transit protection.

For many years, Museums & Art Galleries have appreciated the high performance of our Art Grade tubes — using them extensively to ensure the safety of valuable pictures, including: rolled oil paintings, watercolours & the photographs of many famous photographers — when they are being sent to exhibitions around the world for short term exhibiting.

In addition to the mailing tubes we make and hold as stock items, we can of course produce custom made cardboard postal tubes that are tailor made to a client’s needs.
If you would like information on made to measure extra heavy duty postal tubes please contact us