Made to Order 5mm Wall Ultra Strong Art Grade Postal Tubes

Incredibly Strong Custom Made Extra Heavy Duty 5mm Wall Postal Tubes For Artists With A Nervous Disposition...

Yes, yes, we know most artists are a little worried about entrusting their work to the postie or a courier company — but short of driving the length and breadth of the country hand delivering it yourself, there's little choice than to do so.

Our great quality 4mm ‘art grade’ cardboard postal tubes offer huge advantages over other weaker tubes. There are of course always going to be those artists that would sleep easier knowing they’ve upgraded to an incredibly strong 5mm wall tube... for those people our custom 5mm tubes might well be the key to a good night’s sleep. Though you’ll need to be a little more patient as we make these to order - usually around 10 working days. But you might be lucky and get them in just a couple if you order when we are making a batch for another client.

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