Board Backed Envelopes

Strong Board Backed Envelopes / Hard Backed Envelopes

Our strong board backed envelopes or hard backed envelopes as they are also known are made from excellent quality 1,000 micron board and 120gsm paper making them some of the strongest envelopes on the market.

The great quality burst resistant paper on the front and strong card backed design of DEFENDA Envelopes is perfect for artists posting out a range of artwork, including: A5 cards, A4 size artwork or larger A3 art that requires superior quality.

These board backed envelopes are all peel and seal and come with Please Do Not Bend in red.

For anybody confused by the envelope sizes required the following might be helpful.

C5 envelopes are designed for A5 documents, though Royal Mail Large Letter size based pricing has necessitated the introduction of a C5 PiP size which is slightly smaller than traditional size C5 envelopes in order to qualify as a Standard Letter rather than a Large Letter with Royal Mail. This will help save money when sending out with Royal Mail through the Post Office. If you need clarification please don't hesitate to contact us.

C4 envelopes are designed for A4 size documents.

C3 envelopes are designed for A3 size documents. As with C5 envelopes a slightly smaller C3 envelope has been introduced because of Royal Mail size based pricing. The slightly smaller size C3 envelope is designed to qualify as a Small Parcel with Royal Mail rather than a Medium Parcel. Again this should help save you money if you use Royal Mail rather than a courier for sending out artwork. Again, we are here to help, so if you have any questions please get in touch.

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