Corrugated Paper Rolls

Strong Single Face Corrugated Paper Rolls

Our single face corrugated paper rolls are often described as cardboard on a roll and they provide a super alternative to bubble wrap for those wanting to add protection & cushioning to their shipments of oil paintings or other pictures. Of course they are fabulous for all types of artwork including sculpture etc. We can even supply wider rolls than those on this website and have done on numerous occasions when large statues or other larger works of art are being prepared for shipping.

We offer our rolls of corrugated paper in a range of widths to help artists protect their work during transit without resorting to bubble wrap. They are obviously ideal for those trying to avoid the use of plastic in their packaging.

So get the best packaging solution for your artwork and other important items with our high-quality corrugated paper rolls. All of the rolls are 75 metres long and our standard stock widths are 300mm, 600mm, 650mm, 900mm, and 1200mm, our corrugated packaging rolls are designed to provide maximum protection for your products during transportation and storage.

Made from durable, eco-friendly paper, our corrugated paper rolls are an economical and reliable choice for your packaging needs. Whether you need to wrap delicate items or package bulky items, our single face corrugated rolls can be easily cut to your desired length, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. With their exceptional strength and versatility, our corrugated paper rolls are the perfect choice for your packaging needs.

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