Cardboard Clothes Hangers

Help reduce the damage done to the environment & wildlife by plastic hangers simply by using wooden hangers or our cardboard alternatives wherever you can.

Many years ago we were horrified to discover just how many clothes hangers were ending up in landfill sites, so we set about producing a practical alternative to offer as an option for organisations that really wanted to switch to a friendlier way of hanging clothes. For over 12 years now, we have been supplying our extra heavy duty cardboard coat or clothes hangers to fashion designers, fashion boutiques, fashion show organisers & other clothes retailers eager to move away from environmentally damaging metal & plastic hangers.

We are delighted that an increasing number of fashion designers, colleges offering fashion courses & other parties involved in garment design & marketin are increasingly turning to our strong eco-friendly coat hangers to help them avoid adding to the millions of plastic & metal hangers that end up in landfill sites every single year. Or even worse — maiming & killing wildlife when getting into the natural environment.

Our heavy duty hangers are suitable for a wide range of garments, including: shirts, jumpers and even heavy coats. We also produce a light duty version which are essentially suitable for shirts & lighter items being collected from dry cleaners.

The impact of plastic & metal coat hangers

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