Corrugated Artwork Mailers - ParcelMax

When you are looking for a simple but extremely robust mailer for your artwork – one that affords the maximum protection available for all the slim or shallow mailings that you send through postal systems or courier networks – then look no further than ParcelMax Mailers.

These fabulous mailers have been providing superior protection for artists' work for more than a decade. The simple design of a cardboard box envelope with a locking tab is environmentally friendly: being 100% recyclable & constructed using recycled material. 

Not only extremely popular with artists, these superb mailers are proving to be popular packaging for stamp collectors posting stamp sheets.

To complete your eco-friendly parcel packaging, our environmentally friendly kraft paper packing tape is perfect for those wanting to add to the security of the locking tab closure without resorting to plastic parcel tape.

Available in a range of sizes from stock, we can also manufacture custom sizes if required. Simply get in touch to discuss minimum order quantities & lead times etc.

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