Telescopic Boxes

Say goodbye to worries about your item's safety during transit with our super-strong adjustable telescopic picture boxes. Crafted from durable double-wall corrugated cardboard, these double-wall boxes offer unparalleled protection for your precious paintings, canvases, prints, mirrors and more as they journey through the postal service or courier systems.

Designed with artists in mind, our extending picture boxes come in three convenient extendable sizes. Removing the headache of finding the perfect fit for your artwork. Each box can be easily adjusted in length from 900mm to 1000mm. This means you get versatile box sizing options for your framed prints or paintings without the hassle of purchasing multiple sizes of picture postal boxes.

Manufactured in the UK using sturdy Double Wall corrugated cardboard, our extendable, telescopic packing boxes provide the ultimate protection for artworks of various dimensions. With just a simple slide, you can adjust the inner box to achieve the desired length. Plus, with three different widths available, these boxes can accommodate a wide range of artwork sizes.

Keep your creative treasures safe and secure with our extending picture boxes – the artist's trusted companion for worry-free shipping.

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